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In the past, most of the Hong Kong citizens hardly concerned about the importance of accuracy and professionalism of fitting contact lens and spectacles dispensing, often resulting in chronic eye fatique, increasing near-sightedness, etc. And, contact lens wearers often acquired improper disinfecting system for their own use because of unprofessional instruction, leading to allergic symptoms such as itching, deposited lens, lens slipping, transient blurring of giant papillary conjunctivitis , or even bacterial or acanthamoeba keratitis. Initial stage of squitting eyes and lazy eyes (amblyopia) of children hadn't received earlier and proper therapy resulting in permanent binocular anomalies affecting their self-confidence and learning in school.

In order to ensure the professional competence and good conduct of optometrists, the Optometrists Regulation (Registration & Disciplinary Procedure) has finally come into effect since 1 April 1996. Certain categories of persons are however exempted from registration. The registration of optometrists is divided into four parts as follows:-

Part of Register (Categories)
Qualification/Eligibility & duty approved Restriction on practice No. of registered 1996 June
Part I BSc Degree in Optometry awarded by the HK Polytechnic University; or
Professional Diploma in Optometry awarded by the HK Polytechnic University; or
higher qualification.

Refraction and contact lens fitting
Therapy for Amblyopia,
Therapy for binocular anomalies,
Therapy for nearsightedness,
Mydriatic eye exam,
Color vision test,
General ocular exam, etc.
No Restristion.
Allowed ot use drugs approved by the Board
Part II Higher Certificate in Optometry issued by the HK Polytechnic; or
Passed OP Board exam leading to registration in Part II

Refraction and contact lens fitting only
Not allowed to use diagnostic agents except staining agents 319
Part III Passed OP Board exam leading to registration in Part III

Refraction only
Refraction only 106
Part IV
(Provisional registration)
10yrs practising experience

Require sitting OP Board exam for final assestment
Provisional contact lens fitting and/or refraction Sitting OP Board exam

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Organization Address Telephone
Hong Kong Eye Hospital
147K Argyle St., Mongkok, Kln. 2762-3000
The Hong Kong Society for the Blind General Eye & Low Vision Clinic 248 Nam Cheong St., Shamshuipo, Kln. 2778-1772
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新界粉嶺靈山村 2671-0285
Tung Wah Eastern Hospital
香港銅鑼灣東院道19號 2830-2222
24 King's Rd. East, H.K. 2831-6020

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